//Thank You//

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We are embarking on many new adventures that we are excited to share with you. Learn more about who we are here!

//Our Short History//

We began our book club in the spring of 2017, after recognizing a need for more inclusive and queer-friendly spaces in Dallas. As queer and trans people, many of us Black and brown, we are continually left out and forgotten in the ongoing struggle for justice and liberation. Instead of allowing this to continue, we formed SRBC!

We must continue the fight that our queer and trans elders began many years ago; and we must always encourage our siblings to fight for justice and liberation, take care of each other, & to be proud of their LGBTQ+ identities.

//How To Get Involved//

Join us at one of our weekly events! We host educational meetings every Saturday of the month, and we try to have some recreational meetings throughout the year! Check out our event page and follow SRBC on social media to get updates on when and where our meetings will be! We welcome anyone to join us at SRBC, to learn more about queer theory, radical history, and best practices for organizing and community building, as well as to get involved in one or more of our upcoming projects!

//Our Current & Future Projects//

  1. The SRBC study group – we host an event every Saturday of the month!
  2. Collaborations – in order to bring even better and cooler events to the DFW queer community, we collaborate with many different organizations! If your organization would like to join SRBC at one of our book club meetings or co-host an event, please contact us!
  3. Coming Soon – We want to make available a digital library on our website, where articles and zines will be available, for viewing and downloading! We also want to open up an Etsy shop, where we’ll sell some original stickers, buttons, and zines, as well as become a distro for local zine and art makers!

If you want to see our projects continue and thrive, please consider giving us a small donation. Thanks for your support!

In solidarity and love, SRBC