You are def Queer enuf to hang with us!

An excerpt from our July Issue – SRBC ZINE 1:

We fight for a world where we can love ourselves and each other. We fight against the capitalist system which keeps us on the streets. We fight the normie homophobes. No, we will not assimilate into your dusty-assed gender binary. Allies can step to the fucking side, we read through your bullshit and we don’t play games. We’re not a side-issue, we’re the fucking main event. We’re stronger, scrappier, funnier, smarter, and better looking than all of our enemies.

Fuck with one of us, and our spectrum of pissed off faggots is going to take your name, stomp your ass into the ground so hard you’ll have to untie your shoes to use the bathroom.

We’re out to straight up merc any rapist or rape apologist we find out about. That goes for any TERF ass motherfucker that’s brave enough to trot out some tired Neanderthal genital essentialist playground propaganda. We’re smashign the fuck out this cis hetero normative supremacist state.

Fuck your bathrooms, we shit and piss where please and will cut any fool who is brave enough to back. If your a pissed off Queer that’s ready to kick it with our rought ass crew, come to book club!




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